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Gotland ring Ab

Skid Tire creates the best possible simulation for slippery road conditions. Its friction coefficient allows for an ideal and realistic feeling for the treacherous grip level most often felt on typical winter roads. Therefore, I can give my  strongest recommendation for the utilization of Skid Tire in driver training for all levels. Gotland Ring and chose the Skid Tire system because of its simplicity, and therefore, superiority from a technical, economic, and environmental perspective.

Alec Arho Havrén
Gotland Ring

Alec Arho Havrén is the head instructor and founder of Gotland Ring (Sweden). Among his clients are several major automotive industry representatives and the Swedish Police force.  He is experienced Safety-, Eco- and Racing Driving instructor in Finland, Germany and Sweden.

More than 10 years experience as head instructor for Volvo and Renault  Advanced Safety Driving (founder of the Advanced Safety Driving & driver development system).

National Traffic Police of Finland

Finnish Police Driving Training Center

Skid tyre is an excellent new product suitable for multi-level driving training. The tyre is slippery but doesn't overbalance in full even in side slides. The driver is able to control the car's manoeuvres. If the driver fails in controlling the car it revenges itself authentically. Also the ESC system's functionality and utilisation is emphasized.

Police Driving Training Centre
Principal trainer

Veli-Matti Reinilä